What We Do

Our ministry has two main focuses: Blessing Israel & Serving the Church

1. Blessing Israel

We seek to break down barriers and build bridges of genuine friendship between Christians, Israel and the Jewish community. Today as anti-Semitism again rises world-wide, Israel and Jewish people appreciate Christian solidarity and support.

We help Christians to bless Israel by:

  • Encouraging informed prayer
    We organise regular monthly meetings with Jewish and Christian speakers, and we pray for Israel. We encourage Prayer Groups across Ireland to pray for Israel. Please consider starting or joining such a Prayer Group. Click here for prayer information
  • Channeling support to projects in Israel –
    We have financially supported various charities and projects in Israe including Shevit Achim and the ICEJ’s Aliyah project etc.
  • Support Irish Jewish community events
    For Holocaust Memorial Days, Israel Independence celebrations, etc.
  • Taking tours to Israel
    We encourage tours to Israel.


2. Serving The Church

There is a lack of understanding in the churches regarding the Jewish roots of our faith. There is need for acknowledgment of the common roots linking Christianity and the Jewish people, who are called by God to a covenant which remains irrevocable (cf. Rom 11:29) and which, we believe, has attained definitive fullness in Christ. ICFI helps Christians understand the biblical relationship between Israel and the Church and the connection with the Hebraic roots of our faith (Romans 11:16-18).

We encourage dialogue with Judaism, knowing that it is fundamentally important for the self-knowledge of Christians and for the transcending of divisions between the Churches. As Christians we also need to acknowledge the bad legacy of many Christians in the past in the growth and spread of anti-Semitism in history; we believe forgiveness must be sought for this from God, and every effort must be made to build relationships between Jews and Christians.

The reconstitution of the Jewish Nation is a wonderful sign and opportunity for the Church itself, the importance of which we are not yet able to grasp. We need to realise that the great original schism afflicting the Church and impoverishing it, is not so much the schism between East & West or between Catholics & Protestants, as the more radical one between the Church & Israel. St Paul teaches us that the best way to a reconciliation between Israel and the Church is by realising that to the Jewish people belong “the adoption as sons, the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises… the patriarchs and from them is traced the human ancestry of Christ’ (Romans 9:1-5)

We also seek to give a truthful and balanced perspective on events in the Middle East and be a prophetic voice bringing ‘understanding of the times’.

We seek to accomplish this in many ways including promoting the Kesher Course – a 10 week DVD course on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith developed by Christian Friends of Israel in the UK.