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  • Sally Mc Fadden Carroll

    Israel is concerned that the Irish government is going to back a Palestinian state very soon. I suggest that each one of us get in contact with people in our government including taoiseach Enda Kenny and try to persuade them to desist from doing this. If anyone else out there has any other thoughts on how to prevent this I shall be happy to read any proposal and act on it. Prayer is even more useful as we are all aware may I suggest that we fast and pray earnestly for the peace of Jerusalem and indeed the whole of Israel. Thank you. GOD bless. Sally.

  • Yaeli

    Thank you so very much! You just can’t imagine how much it means to us here in Israel to know that people are standing with us and supporting us. We’re fighting on the front lines against a threat that faces us all, not just Israel, and it is wonderful to know that people have our backs. May all manner of blessings be upon you and yours.

  • Sr. Anne Mary Hannon

    I appreciate all the hard work you have put into your website. I also appreciate all you do to alert us on your very many activities. Thanks for standing in the gap for people who have been so misrepresented all their lives. You also do your best to present facts not hearsay. Thank you.

  • Nathanie Ademoye

    I am glad and happy with the tremendous work that ICFI is doing. Good education of church and Israel historical connection as exposed from fellowship meetings -The sharing edifies and inspires.
    The website is great avenue to inform and follow world wide updates on Israel. Many blessings

    • ICFI Post author

      Thanks for your question. It is possible to be pro Israel and appalled at the killing of innocent children. Sadly Hamas use children as human shields and place their rocket launchers in schools and childrens playgrounds. Lets also remember that the innocent are on both sides in Israel and Gaza.

      It is sad that there is absolutely no international focus on Egypt which closed its border with Gaza and refused to allow any aid in. In contrast Israel allowed 800 trucks of medicine into Gaza through its crossing in the last 2 weeks. Why aren’t the media interviewing Egypt about this. Why doesn’t the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Committee have protests outside the Egyptian Embassy?

      Another relevant factor is the fact that the Hamas authorities have built no bomb shelters for their people. They have built a network of attack tunnels where all their own leaders are hiding but not for the innocent. Why aren’t the media interviewing Hamas leaders in Qatar and Egypt about their refusal to build bomb shelters for their people?

      • Spare Me

        Eh .. Reality is not really your strong point is it ?.. No offence but you do come across as having an institutional mentality .. You of course realise that between black and white there are several shades of gray..

  • Noel Mcloughney

    I never knew you existed until last week, when those vile comments were published in Twitter calling for your killing (in my view) at your rally in Dublin last Sunday . If i had known about it in advance i would have been there to stand with you. I am sick and tired of the Irish airways full of anti-israelie sentement, from ppl who have never visited the Middle East and rely on their “facts” from a biased NUJ where lazy journalists, some highly paid, repeat the lazy views of Robert Fisk. Good to hear an alternative opinion. Keep up the good work.

    Israel Abu

  • Emmet Sweeney

    Good to see such a site. With the mainstream media’s disgraceful demonizing of Israel and slavish repitition of Islamist propaganda, it’s heartening to see that some at least are not taken in.

    • jj

      Its not working any more! What the media and certain elements are trying to do. there is a global jihaid ongoing, this will effect almost every country on earth eventually. i used to feel sorry for palastine, on a human level i still do. But israel is just protecting itself, we all have a God given right to defend ourselves, but to express such thoughts is not popular in the western world.

  • Barrie Rockman

    Just wanted to tell you that I’m delighted with your new site and wish you all well with it. I’ll keep an eye on your forest for you.
    B’Hazlacha, Barrie

  • Paul

    Delighted to see this site up and running. As a defender of Israel it is great to see some people publicly standing up for Israel and against terror. I won’t be joining you (I am an atheist) but I wish you all the best.

  • Michael O'Toole

    It is good to have a place to express opinions on recent events when the traditional media are more selective in what they publish.

    Well done.