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ICFI produce regular newsletters containing up-to-date information on key news events regarding Israel and the Jewish people. This information provides a counterbalance to the biased reports on Israel found in many mainstream media.


28 December 2015Happy Christmas from ICFI
Celebration Dinner last July for Ambassador Boaz and Nurit Modai
Report on the July Celebration was included in Nachlath Dublin
Christian Persecution - Church in Chains Report
Radicalism within Islam today
20th July 20151. Iranian Muslim Interrogator Surrenders Life to Jesus Christ Thanks To Witness of Christian Prisoner.
2. Saudi Sheikh Who Taught ISIS Fighters 'Jihad 101' Asks for Bible After Growing 'Sick of the Killing,'.
Missionary Claims.
3. Unshakeable Faith of Iraqi Girl Encourages Christians Around the World.
4. Nigerian Chibok Pastor Says He's 'Grateful' That Kidnapped Daughter Stoned to Death by Boko Haram Did Not Deny Christ .
5. Islamists in Nigeria burn down 32 churches and kill five believers in church.
6. Police arrest Jewish suspects in arson at ‘loaves and fishes’ church.
7. Islamic State leaflets threaten Christians in Jerusalem to leave or be killed.
8. Jewish peer funds rescue of thousands of Christians threatened by ISIS.
9. Isil trawls social media for Irish Jihadi Brides.
10. 52 IS child soldiers said killed in Syria in 2015.
11. ISIS tortures 94 Syrians, including 5 teens, for not fasting on Ramadan.
19th February 2015Obama's shocking interference into Israel's election process
UK Islamic Terror suspects arrested every day in UK
Manifestations of persistent anti-Semitism shock British MPs
Christian Slaughter in Libya
Christian Persecution - Israel Safe Haven for Christians -Fr Gabriel Nadaf
18th September 2014Merkel vows to fight anti-Semitism at home
Thousands Rally against escalating anti-Semitism in Britain
IS Popularity Growing In Israel
Egyptian ‘Innovative’ Offer for Palestinian State
Palestinian president says Hamas are to blame for loss of 2,000 lives
Islamic State vows to reach 'Palestine' and 'kill the barbaric Jews'
Beheadings in Syria now routine, UN Panel says
UK raises Terrorism threat level to ‘Severe’ in response to Islamic State
29th August 201430 Irish Muslims are fighting in Syria/ Iraq.
Excellent expose of radical Islam by Aver Boskey, a Messianic Jewish leader in Beersheba, including a well-researched article on why Lying is Kosher in Islam.
Ambassador Modai responds to a Sinn Fein Senator and challenges bias in Sinn Fein.
Persecuted Christians: 6 articles below. Wonderful that an increasing number of Jewish Leaders are speaking out loudly on this issue. Also significant that some moderate Muslims in Iraq are speaking as well.
2 excellent videos on new Israeli inventions and setting out the core of the Middle East conflict.
Supervalu issued letter saying they are not boycotting Israeli Products.
Hamas admit murder of 3 Israeli Teenagers.
UN Human Rights Council – a Sham: Canadian Foreign Minister sharply criticized the UN appointment of a committee to investigate accusations of "war crimes" by Israel. US rejected Committee as well.
500 British Jihadis fight with IS (The Telegraph).
Hamas similar to IS (Daily Express).
Islamic State: “We Will Take Back Spain.
15th August 201432 attack Tunnels destroyed
Hamas War Crime Evidence
BBC Admit Gazan Civilian Casualty Figures are not reliable
Foreign Press Association Protest Hamas harassment
European Anti Semitism grows
Messianic Jewish Soldier from Haifa dies in Gaza
Iraq: Pray and Support courageous Canon Andrew White
SuperValu boycotts Israeli products - Herald report on 5th August 2014
Christianity Today: Over 2 million Muslims have become Christians
Islamic State terrorise Christians and non Sunni Muslims in Iraq
2nd August 2014IDF says it was not responsible for UNRWA school deaths: Hamas spells it out: our aim is the extermination of the Jews.
Two senior Hamas leaders on Hamas TV: Hamas loves death like Israelis love life.
UN admits Hamas rockets were found in one UN school - for the third time.
Meriam Ibrahim arrives in us.
Latest ceasefire collapses after Hamas killed 3 Israeli soldiers.
28th July 2014175 Christians and Jews joined in a Pro Israel Rally outside the Israeli Embassy on Sunday afternoon.
See: Here

Hamas, according to their own covenant, are committed to anti Semitic incitement and to no negotiations
whatsoever. eg. Article 7 states that “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews
and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: 'O
Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.” Copies of a summarised version of the
Hamas covenant were distributed at the Rally. See: Here

IDF says 31 attack tunnels have been discovered since invading Gaza three weeks ago. Some are big
enough to drive a truck through. To avoid detection, the tunnels are dug sixty feet beneath the surface.

US National Security Council official says there are around 60 tunnels. Pray that all these tunnels will be
discovered and quickly.
18th July 2014ICFI stands with Israel in its war with Hamas
Purpose of ground operation in Gaza meant to hit the tunnels from Gaza to Israel.
IDF nabs 13 Hamas activists entering Israel through Tunnel
20 rockets were found in UN school in Gaza. UNRWA apologise to Israel
Islamic religious leader in Jerusalem praises Israel for defending the city from Hamas rockets.
Israel accepted Egyptian sponsored ceasefire approved by Arab League and PA. Hamas turn it down
Hamas rocket hit high voltage power line causing disruption in electricity to 70,000 Palestinians in Gaza.
Despite ongoing rocket fire, 200 trucks of food passed into Gaza from Israel's Kerem Shalom crossing.
The IDF has published photographic evidence of the use of human shields by Hamas.
9th July 2014 Beersheva Church Leader strongly pro Israel
Hamas call for human (adult and children) shields
Jerusalem Temple Mount Muslims cheer rockets from Gaza
Hamas threaten to overwhelm Iron Dome Network
Donate to the ICEJ’s "Israel in Crisis Fund", for more bomb shelters
Pray earnestly for the safety of innocent civilians on both sides
Speak out on Israel’s behalf to your local TD, MEP or Senator
Prophetic Insight on Conflict from Malcolm Hedding
20th June 2014Last week three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.
Christian Persecution: Top 10 Countries: Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Central African Republic, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Mexico and Colombia.
Egypt: 550 Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims forced to convert and marry
Iraq: Barnabas Fund has sent emergency aid to help Iraqi Christians fleeing Mosul
Since Jan. 2013, Israel has foiled 64 planned abductions, many of them by Hamas
7th June 2014ICFI Pentecost/Shavuot Celebration on Pentecost Sunday 8th June
EU Elections: significant growth for far-right political parties
Ukraine Jews: The Jerusalem Post reports that there are 11,000 Jews in Donetsk and about 130,000 in all of Ukraine. Appeal for funds for Aliyah
Persecuted Christians: Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to be hanged for apostasy.
Germany: 4,500 Iranian-born Muslims who converted to Christianity find refuge in Germany in 6 years.
Anti Semitism: PA Incitement in Schools to hate Jews continues: Study of 150 new PA school textbooks reveals widespread delegitimization of Israel and continued calls to use violence against Jews.
Basketball: Twitter users in Spain posted 17,500 messages of anti-Semitic abuse after Israeli basketball team beat Real Madrid to win the Euroleague Championship.
Brussels: Four people die in shooting at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels.
14th May 2014Iran Genocide Threat: Iran’s “moderate” President Rouhani how to be "a wolf in sheep's clothing"
Orthodox Priest Fr. Gabriel Nadaf sacked over promoting links between Arab Christians and Israel.
UK Islamist: Abu Walid under an "Islamic State" Christians and others to be persecuted for non conversion to Islam.
Hamas’ official TV channel airs children's program - viewers encouraged to "kill the Jews."
8 Israeli Inventions some life saving:
Ukrainian Jews: 142% increase so far 2014 in immigration to Israel compared to 2013.
30th April 2014US Senator Rand Paul proposes to cut US funding to PA unless it recognized Israel as a Jewish state.
Ambassador Boaz Modai super letter in the Irish Times. The Ambassador explains “The real reason Mr Abbas does not recognise Israel as a Jewish state is because it would mean the end of the conflict and they are not ready for that. Abbas wants the Palestinian state to replace Israel, not to live in peace with it.
Launch of Sharia Watch in the UK’s House of Lords by a number of British lawyers, led by former Labour Party candidate Anne Marie Waters. . See www.shariawatch.org.uk/
14th April 2014Passover in China: by 100 members of the ancient Jewish community of Kaifeng
Israeli Scientific Breakthrough re Blind: A new, camera-based product gives the visually impaired the ability to both “read” easily and move around a lot more freely.
Former Islamist on PA incitement: Dr. Tawfik Hamid antisemitic agenda of PA
US Secretary of State Kerry “Iran will be able to develop a nuclear weapon within 2 months”
Christian Persecution: A 75-year-old Jesuit priest was beaten and shot dead by armed men in Syria.
EU Anti Semitism: 312% increase in anti-Semitism in France and 23% increase in the Netherlands.
27th March 2014Another Massive Tunnel discovered dozens of meters underground.
150 Israeli Christians Protest in Tel Aviv against EU's silence on ethnic cleansing of Christians in Middle East.
PA Chairman Abbas Demands: No Jewish communities to remain in PA, 5 million “refugees” worldwide right to “return” to Israel and there will never be recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
Why Christians are the World’s Most Persecuted Group and why their persecution is occurring primarily throughout the Islamic world? Raymond Ibrahim
Daughter of Egyptian intelligence chief left Islam Nonie Darwish, founder of Former Muslims United
6th March 2014Christians in Raqqa, Syria – choice: convert to Islam, remain Christian, but submit to Islam, or face death.
Christian Persecution: Syrian Christian church leaders warn Christian population could vanish.
Biased Amnesty Report on killing of Palestinians in the West Bank
Powerful Canadian PM speech in Knesset: the Jewish state will always have Canada as a friend.
Israeli and Jordan signed a deal under which Israel will supply $500 million worth of gas to Jordan
Iran Genocidal Threats: President Rouhani, said Jerusalem should “be liberated from the yoke of Israel.”
US Congress debates cutting off aid to PA unless ongoing incitement against Israel is curtailed.
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