Praying for Persecuted Christians

There are somewhere between 7,300 Christians and 100,000 Christians martyred for their faith every year. This is a minimum of 20 per day.
There are 3 charities operating in the UK and Ireland that stand up for persecuted Christians.

  1. Barnabas Fund is an interdenominational charity based in the UK and has offices in a number of countries with close connections with persecuted Christians in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan etc . It has a super website and produces excellent resource materials. It has a free weekly Email News Update – subscribe here.
  2. Church in Chains is a small Irish interdenominational Charity that also produces excellent resources and lobbies the Irish Government and appropriate Ambassadors. It also has a regular free News Update – subscribe here
  3. Aid to the Church in Need is a Catholic charity established in many countriues. It has just produced an excellent book – Persecuted and Forgotten? a 192 Page Report on Christians oppressed for their Faith 2011-2013. For your free copy of this book click here

What You Can Do

  • KNOW: Download the Aid to the Church in Need book here. Subscribe to the free email Newsletter from Church in Chains (IRE) and the Barnabas Fund (UK).
    Click here to read  Persecuted Christians News Update – Aug 14
  • PRAY: Using up to date information from above
  • ACT: Lobby your local TD, MEP and Senator (UK Parliament and EU have condemned Christian persecution, but the Dail has not done so yet).
  • GIVE: Donate to charities that stand up for persecuted Christians.

See below extracts from the Persecuted and Forgotten 2013 book