Pro Israel Rally outside Israeli Embassy 27th July 2014 4

According to Garda estimate 175 Christians and Jews joined in a Rally outside the Israeli Embassy this evening. People came from many parts of Ireland including Cork, Mayo, Donegal and Rostrevor with Israeli flags to show their solidarity with Israel at this time of crisis. Speakers were Israeli resident in Dublin, Ronen Vaknin, Paul Coulter from the International Christian Embassy’s Irish Branch,  Paddy Monaghan from Irish Christian Friends of Israel. The Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai, was in attendance and thanked people for attending.


Speakers emphasised that “It is possible to be pro Israel and yet appalled at the killing/wounding of innocent people. Lets remember that the innocent are on both sides in Israel and Gaza. It is sad that there is absolutely no international focus on Egypt which closed its border with Gaza and refused to allow any aid in. In contrast Israel allowed 800 trucks of medicine into Gaza through its crossing in the last 2 weeks.” Paddy Monaghan asked “Why aren’t the media interviewing Egypt about this? Why aren’t they interviewing Hamas leaders in Qatar and Egypt about their absolute refusal to build bomb shelters for their people?


Barry Williams led a minute silence for all the innocent on both sides that have died. Paul Coulter emphasised the message “Israel you are not alone millions of Christians around the world are standing with you.”


The clear message to the Jews and Christians present was “Lets continue to keep Israel in prayer and pray that Hamas will come to its senses soon and stop bombing Israel and that the Lord in his mercy will bring about a just ceasefire soon.” All present were encouraged to lobby their politicians on behalf of Israel.


It was emphasised that Hamas are committed to anti Semitic incitement and to no negotiations whatsoever according to their own covenant that they pledge to implement. Copies of a summarised version of the Hamas covenant were distributed.


3 Israeli songs were sung and we finished with the Israeli national anthem

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4 thoughts on “Pro Israel Rally outside Israeli Embassy 27th July 2014

  • David Bradley

    I could not attend the rally as myself and my family left Dublin that afternoon en route for Israel. We returned home last week from our 6th visit to Jerusalem since 2010, I can say without any hesitation that we had a most wonderful time

    From our experience we can reassure those planning to come to Israel that there is no need to cancel or defer their visit. We arrived in on Tuesday 29 July after a two-day stopoveren route. That day was reported to be the worst yet in the current crisis, but to us as tourists we saw nothing untoward between our time of arrival on that day and our departure from Israel on 9 August. The passage through the airport after arrival was pleasant , comfortable and totally normal and the journey by road to Jerusalem was just as it was on every previous visit we have made to Israel.

    We visited the Old City every day and everything was good; we travelled to the Galilee region and Golan Heights and saw nothing that made us feel uneasy. We also went to Tel Aviv which was its usual vibrant self, with people lying on the beach and swimming in the sea.

    We actually feel safer in Israel than in any other country because of the extreme efficiency of the security forces and phenomenal protection system operated by Israel , and I believe that as a result we could not visit a safer place. If I had for one moment thought there was any danger, I would not have put my family at risk. As I say, Israel, and in particular the Hospitality Industry, needs visitors and I am proud that we went and did not allow our decision to be swayed by the biased news reports we were hearing each day before we travelled.

    We used our time to visit our favourite holy sites in Jerusalem – the Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, the Western Wall, Mount Zion and St. Peter’s, to name but a few. As we travelled to these places, we saw no unrest or hostility in any of the localities of East Jerusalem that we would have had to pass through to visit some of them. A pilgrim can feel safe in dear Jerusalem wherever they decide they want to go and I say that without hesitation.

    I am saying all this in the hope that in my small and humble way I may be able to encourage people to go to Israel. She needs tourism and the hospitality industry is showing signs of distress. All this hardship is totally unnecessary; there is no need to stay away.

  • Eugene Boyle

    It was the Irish statesman Edmund Burke who said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It is so important to have a group like ICFI to give fair-minded people a voice and encourage them to take action against the growing evil of anti-semitism in Ireland.

  • Grace Cain

    wonderful show of solidarity with the Nation of Israel, may HaShem bless you all for your stand!
    (From the Isle of Man, representing the Jewish Community on the island and Messianic Jews alike)