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Nachlath 2015Nachlath 2015PDF Document Click Here
Anti-Semitic Hamas Covenant Key extracts from the Hamas Covenent which highlight its anti-Semitism and its commitment to Jihad.
PDF Document (2 copies for printing) Click Here
Irish Diasporo Report 17th May 2010 A5 bookletExtracts on Israel from International Diaspora Strategies Report presented at Global Irish Conference Farmleigh, Sept 2009
Microsoft Word Doc. Click Here
120 Scriptures about the AliyahThese are 120 key Scripture passages where God promises the Land of Canaan to His chosen people and commands or encourages them to return to the Land which He gave to them as an everlasting inheritance.Microsoft Word Doc. Click Here
The-Ireland-Peace-Reconciliation-Forest.pdfInformation about the project, order form & picture of plaque outside the forestPDF Document Click Here
Why We Support IsraelExcellent document outlining why we support IsraelMicrosoft Word Doc. Click Here
Excellent address by Yanky FachlerFour Christian clergymen who changed the course of Zionist history.Microsoft Word Doc. Click Here