ICFI Recommended Book List

ICFI Recommended Books

The following is a list of recommended books we suggest you might like to read. These can be bought in most good book shops and online through amazon.
You may try for those books in local libraries to if you would prefer to borrow them. If they are not there you may recommend the titles to the library staff while they are preparing book shopping lists. It may be a way for others to get to know them too.

Book Title & DescriptionPrice
To Order please make cheque out to TJCII and post to TJCII c/o P.O. Box 9234 Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland Add 30% to cover p&p.
Alan Dershowitz “The case for Israel”

What absolutely amazed me in this book was that there is still a need to write about such – one would think – obvious things; but apparently some basic truths about Israel are still not known and many prejudices flourish. The author gives the interesting kind of dispute starting, one by one, with widely published statements about Israel and its policy, he then brings arguments of both sides – pro and contra Israeli – and discusses the facts. Very good reading for those who got lost – as may easily be the case – in the jungle of media news about Middle East generally and Israel specifically.
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Towards Jerusalem Council II by Peter Hocken

How TJCII started and its vision to heal the ancient wounds between Jews and Christians.
The Marranos by Peter Hocken

The Marranos are the descendents of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity (which was pre reformation Catholicism). Peter sets out the background to the Inquisition and challenges the Catholic Church to deeper repentance.
5 Messianic Jews share their testimony by Penfold Books

5 Jewish people incl. Helen Shapiro, businessman Stan Telchin and two Rabbis share how they came to know Jesus as their Messiah.
5 Muslim Converts share their testimony by Penfold Books

5 Muslims incl. Walid Shoebat and an Imam share how they came to know Jesus.
A Different God by Dr. Dwight Pryor

Replacement Theology has been taught in all the Churches and is responsible for much persecution of the Jews through history. Dr. Prior shows how it is not in line with Scripture.

Scriptures Proclaiming Israel's Destiny by Irish Christian Friends of Israel

This booklet gives the 120 Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that state that one day God will bring the Jewish people back to their land.
Where is the King of the Jews by Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

Gives history of Anti Semitism and challenges us to take a stand against it.
Names of God by Rose Publishing

21 names of God in Hebrew and their meanings.
Christ in the Passover by Rose Publishing

History and symbolism of the Passover and a Seder meal for Christians.
Jewishness and Jesus by Dan Juster

Dan sets out a great overview of the Jewishness of Jesus and how the split happened between the Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians.
Inclusion versus Replacement by Dan Juster

Booklet outlining why Replacement Theology is contrary to scripture.
Healing the Past by Ena Gray

Ena, a member of TJCII from Wexford, gives a factual account of the origins and development of Catholic Anti-Semitism. Book can be a conduit for facilitating repentance of the sins against the Jewish people.
Healing the Wounds of History by Peter Hocken

21 names of God in Hebrew and their meanings.